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Data & Analytics

Evidenced Based Recruitment

In this competitive world for high quality candidates, are you spending a disproportionate amount of time searching for candidates on LinkedIn or sifting through 100’s of irrelevant applicants via your ATS? Could you be using research and evidence based recruitment to better target your candidates via social media or other marketing channels?

I’ll show you another way; through the utilization of research and marketing techniques. It’s cost effective, can be delivered by you, and should save you time to focus on building better relationships and partnerships.

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What I learned about hiring while at Uber

Just over two years ago, I joined the fastest growing startup ever: Uber. It was truly a privilege to be a tiny part of the ferocious growth and expansion brought about by the sweetest example of product/market fit of recent times. Having joined Uber from a much smaller startup, and before that having worked at highly-successful but mature corporates, it was the scale-up experience I was after. And that is exactly what I got. My time there was littered with learnings about how to scale a business, a product, and even myself. But none feel more important than what I learned about hiring and scaling teams.

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