Episode 17 with Hallie Bregman from Cuup

Episode 17 talent intelligence collective podcast

Written by Alan Walker

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Welcome to the 17th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast!

This is our second episode of 2022; we’ll be coming up to a whole year of TIC soon.

In this episode, myself, Alison Ettridge and Toby Culshaw spoke to Hallie Bregman from Cuup.

Hallie is an ex-data scientist who really understands the power of analytics and how combining Talent Intelligence with People Analytics can bring outstanding results. Perfect for this show, don’t you think?

After our usual (I think I can say usual now? After 17 episodes?) introductions, an article in the Financial Times questioned whether US workers will return to the labour market. At the end of last year, there were almost 11million unfilled openings, yet the unemployment rate was just 3.9%.

The most interesting thing about this article, wasn’t the labour scarcity but the reason. It wasn’t due to a skills gap, but because they are caring for people with Covid or have had it themselves.

Toby Culshaw

As we begin to come out of the other side of the pandemic, this piece then won’t be permanent. It will be interesting to see how it flip and changes in the coming months and years.

First shift we will see is a change in organisations approach to talent attraction. I also think, we will also see a change in workforce planning. Changing the focus from our immediate plan and instead switching to a proactive approach about what the hiring trends will be on the horizon.

Alison Ettridge

Unsurprisingly, the other article Toby flagged was that half of US SMEs were having to raise their salaries amid the tightening labour market.

However, the article, which questioned whether the gender wage gap had roots extending back into childhood, raised the most questions.

I think this is retrospective. We would need to take into consideration the culture shifts we are seeing in this generation.

Hallie Bregman

In a final bit of news, we discussed how the Romanian Competition Council (RCC) have launched their first-ever investigation on potentially anti-competitive conduct by automotive companies on the labour market.

I think this is taking away sourcing from a whole pool of people. I think it’s interesting that they are looking at, but I think the outcome (if they stopped it happening) it could prevent career development and squash collaboration. The skills pool isn’t magically going to get bigger, so it’s a piece to watch for sure.

Hallie Bregman

Believed that to be enough news and insights – as informative as it was – Alison was eager to start questioning our guest, Hallie. With questions like: “What were the different motivators for your career moves?” and “what was the things that surprised you when you entered the world of talent intelligence and people analytics?”.

How manual everything was. The lack of automation was outstanding. I have been so encouraged to see how much technology has really been accepted in these past few years.

Hallie Bregman

Picking up on what Hallie mentioned way back at the start of the episode, her love for storytelling, Alison and Hallie started a conversation on the skills needed to present data to stakeholders.

Data is very much a part of how things work these days, and a lot of people do actually understand metrics. It’s trying to shift the metrics we look at. Pulling them towards business metrics. Things like productivity, retention, attrition, those are the things that matter more.

Hallie Bregman

As always, we hope you enjoy the episode. A review or a share on social really does go a long way in helping us reach as many ears as possible.

Till the next one – stay intelligent!


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