Episode 11 with Gerrit Schimmelpenninck from Philips

Episode 11 talent intelligence collective podcast

Written by Alan Walker

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Welcome to the 11th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast

Before I jump into this episode – I wanted to let you know about an extra special offer our sponsors Stratigens are offering to all our listeners.

If you go to Stratigens.com, book a demo, and enter the promotional code “TIC2021”, you’ll get a discount and a free proof of concept! How wonderful! And, just as a warning, Nick’s audio broke down halfway through the episode. So he asked his questions through me, via chat. Which was odd.

Anyway, back to this fascinating episode. Where we, meaning me and my far more talented co-hosts Alison Ettridge and Toby Culshaw, and Nick Brooks the wonderful Gerrit Schimmelpenninck from Philips.

After our usual pleasantries, Toby dived straight in with his update on the happening within the world of Talent Intelligence.

We started by discussing a recently released article by Indeed, Employer Use of Hiring Incentives Grows. The article states that job searches for hiring incentives, such as signing bonuses, retention bonuses, and cash incentives, have jumped 134% since the beginning of the year.

Not only have searches gone up, but job postings advertising hiring incentives has also doubled since last July. I think that a great sign as to how hot the market is at the moment.

– Toby Culshaw

Hiring incentives have always been around for more senior roles, so what is really interesting is how this is now trickling down into more junior roles. We all know there are skills that are hard to find, cause perhaps they are hard to learn. But what this increase is telling is that the search for specific talent is expanding to the rest of the labour market.

– Alan Walker

Toby continued with his worldly updates pivoting our chat to something that many may not have thought about. As we begin to see many companies returning to office-based work, could this be the end of the baby boomer workforce? As many will likely be debating if there is worth in re-joining the commuting rat race. Will we see a much larger than usual surge of retirements during the rest of this year? And will that mean to the labour market?

I think this is when we should talk about forecasting. We just all assume a constant supply. But there is no allowing for a big event that could cause a massive change. So I’m really excited to see if some of the economic forecasts pickup on it.

– Alison Ettridge

The final piece of news for this episode that Toby shared was around a quote from the International Labour Organisation’s Director-General, Guy Ryder. He underlined that unless deliberate action is taken to protect the labour market, the world of work will become even more unjust, less inclusive and ultimately less sustainable.

At which point I felt like we had heard everyone’s opinion about the world and its news, but we were eager to find out more about our guest, Gerrit. His world, his background. So I virtually passed the mic onto our resident hard-hitting interviewer extraordinaires – Alison and Nick (through me, via chat).

We find out about Gerrit’s university degree in history and how it may or may not have helped his Talent Intelligence career. And where Gerrit feels that his role as Senior Talent Intelligence Manager at Philips sits. In analytics, or a commercial role, or a broader role. And the type of projects that his team would get involved in.

The thing with Talent Intelligence is that is hard to convey the value of it, without showing the work. So you need to be confident and show how much value you can bring to any department.

– Gerrit Schimmelpenninck

As always, we hope you enjoy the episode. All we ask in return is your help in telling the world. This podcast needs your support to reach as many ears as possible. A review or rating on your favourite podcast listening app does go a long way. And of course, if there’s anything we can do better – drop us a line. You can do this via email or reach out to us on our LinkedIn page or Facebook Group.

Till the next one – stay intelligent!



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