Episode 35: Robert St Jacques on evidence based HR

Episode 35: Robert St Jacques on evidence HR

Written by Alan Walker

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In today’s episode of the #ChatTalent People Podcast co-host Jeremy Russon was curious to find out what evidence HR actually is so he asked the Director of Customer Success at 7Geese Robert St Jacques, who really knows his stuff.

They discuss how an evidence based approach should be used to build credibility with business leaders and how the combination of 4 key elements:

  • The needs and wants of stakeholders
  • The findings of your internal research
  • The findings of your external research
  • Personal professional expertise

Will allow you to find a solution to the problems you are facing.

Robert St Jacques, after graduating university set himself a mission: “Make HR better for employees, managers, organisations and the community as a whole”. A statement, which looking back, kickstarted his whole HR career.

Since then, Robert has attempted to achieve his lofty ambition and worked as as a HR Leader and University Professor as well as a People and Culture Consultant and Director of Customer Success, just to name a few.



[1:10] Who is Robert St Jacques

[4:50] A quick overview of 7Geese and your role with them

[8:25] What evidence based HR

[10:47] How widespread is it within the global HR community

[12:28] What can we do as HR professionals to make this business model more widespread.

[16:06] What does success look like? How would we know we have achieved what we set out to do

[21:02] What resources would you recommend that can help us better understand the topic of evidence based HR

[25:33] The best way to reach you

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