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Candidate Engagement

Candidates are assets! Let’s treat them that way and unlock a wide range of benefits

Should we start rewarding candidates for their time, the same way we reward employees theirs? Yes, you read it right. Paying candidates to explore our companies and engage in conversations with our recruiters and hiring managers. I give some examples and ideas on the the subject and welcome your thoughts!

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Evidenced Based Recruitment

In this competitive world for high quality candidates, are you spending a disproportionate amount of time searching for candidates on LinkedIn or sifting through 100’s of irrelevant applicants via your ATS? Could you be using research and evidence based recruitment to better target your candidates via social media or other marketing channels?

I’ll show you another way; through the utilization of research and marketing techniques. It’s cost effective, can be delivered by you, and should save you time to focus on building better relationships and partnerships.

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