5 minutes with… Ollie Phillips on the topic of high-performance

Ollie Phillips on the topic of optimised performance team

Written by Jeremy Russon

Family and football are Jeremy's two passions - but in his spare time, making a difference, the Udder way, to the world of TA/HR tech is his thing.

Is there a link between emotion and success? What are some of the best techniques to retain the best talent? And how do you build high-performance teams?

Who better to answer these questions than Ollie Phillips, founder of Optimist Performance in our newest series of #ChatTalent5MinutesWith.

Each episode is based around a different topic. But in episode 1 we start with the basics.

Who is Ollie Phillips? How did he transition from England rugby player to founder? And what are his tips for obtaining high-performance?

Is it by maximising an individual’s strengths and managing their weaknesses? Sharing with them the outcomes that you want them to achieve and creating an environment that plays to their strengths?

Clearly, the key to building a high-performance team is motivating each person within your team to do their best.

Understanding what fuels them. What motivates them and discovering their passions.    

But as there is no one-size-fits-all, in episode 2 I ask – Are there any techniques that Ollie can share? To help us achieve high performing teams?

We’ve established that the key to optimising performance is to nurture and build an environment where your people can flourish.

However, in episode 3 Ollie highlighted some fundamental advice. You need to be prepared to listen. To be flexible and able to adapt to the feedback that is given to you.

If you aren’t emotionally invested in something, then chances are you are not going to perform your best. And as a manager, understanding this link is crucial.

Start by helping them to really define what success looks like to them. And what they need to achieve that. Then ensure you are creating those opportunities while continuing to push their limits by helping them explore all possibilities

I hope you enjoyed this newest ‘5 minutes with’ series. It was great to hear Ollie talk so passionately about this topic and the main takeaway from these four episodes I think is simple.

Achieving a high-performance team comes down to the individual performance of each employee (or player).

What was your main takeaway? Who do you think should be our next guest?

Leave us a comment or send us an email to editor@chattalent.net.

Let’s keep chatting!

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