Neurodiversity Podcast

Neurodiversity – Eliminating Kryptonite; Enabling Superheroes is the Podcast that brings diversity of thought to life.

In this Podcast we hear from The Rainmakers: Those people and organisations making the difference; The Advocates: Those people who are supporting Neurodiversity at Work; and The Superheroes: Those leaders who are Neurodifferent and proud.

This podcast will be the game changer we are all after.

Theo Smith – a loud and proud Neurodifferent, Neurodiversity advocate – is your host.

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Roy Baladi – Smart Recruiters on accessible recruitment technology (Ep.22)

In today's episode we discuss how technology can play its part in enabling greater accessibility during the recruitment process. Roy shares with us how Smart Recruiters are supporting Neurodiversity for it's: Candidates Recruiters and hiring managers Its employees I...