Neurodiversity Podcast

Neurodiversity – Eliminating Kryptonite; Enabling Superheroes is the Podcast that brings diversity of thought to life.

In this Podcast we hear from The Rainmakers: Those people and organisations making the difference; The Advocates: Those people who are supporting Neurodiversity at Work; and The Superheroes: Those leaders who are Neurodifferent and proud.

This podcast will be the game changer we are all after.

Theo Smith – a loud and proud Neurodifferent, Neurodiversity advocate – is your host.

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Shelley Winner – A Winners Story, from prison to tech giant (EP.26)

In today's episode, I speak with Shelley Winner, who found out just before starting her prison sentence for drug dealing that she was pregnant. The federal government had a 10-year sentence in mind, but through Shelley's grit and determination in less than 10 years...