Author: Alan Walker

EPISODE 23: Kaitlyn Holbein on The Implications of Covid19 on the Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Space

In this episode, Alan spoke to Canada’s smartest Employer Brand Consultant (as far as we know, anyway), Kaitlyn Holbein.
They talked about the implications of Covid19 on employer branding and what this means for recruitment marketers.
They also discussed what those with increased levels of hiring should be doing, and equally what those with less pressing needs today should be doing to ensure they can ramp up in the future.

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EPISODE 22: Daniel O’Neill on The impact of Covid19 on NYC’s artistic community

In this episode, Alan spoke to Freestyle Frisbee World Champion and World Urban Games Gold Medalist Daniel O’Neill.
A random guest for the ChatTalent People Podcast you may think – but Daniel is from our world, having led business development for several recruitment marketing agencies.
They spoke about the impact of Covid19 on New York’s artistic community, a little about employer branding – and of course quite a bit about frisbee.
A unique chat with a unique chap.

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