Author: Alan Walker

EPISODE 28: Jerome Ternynck [SmartRecruiters] on Hiring Success during a crisis (and invading Belgium)

In this episode, Alan talked to recruitment technology legend and SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck.

They talked about what TA leaders should be doing during a downturn, SmartRecruiters’ 3 point response to Covid 19 and about Hiring Success – both the concept and his book of the same title.

There may also have been a discussion about invading Belgium.

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WEBINAR: Building Resilience

Resilience has become a vital personal and business imperative.

Knowing what resilience is, why it is so critical now and – most importantly – how you can raise it, will result in enhanced performance and better mental wellbeing.

We think you’ll find this exploration personally helpful, and it will give you the encouragement to build a more resilient organisation culture within your own business enabling a new vitality and resolve.
In this interactive webinar, we’ll explore just that.

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