The recruiter’s guide to finding and hiring the best apprentices

Written by Alan Walker

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The recruiter’s guide to finding and hiring the best apprentices

Done right, apprenticeship programs can be the lifeblood of an organisation – providing a steady stream of talent, enthusiasm and inspiration for the wider organisation.

One of the key elements of a successful program is ensuring you hire the very best apprentices available.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:-

  • The recent UK apprenticeship reforms
  • Effective apprenticeship recruitment tools
  • How to work with schools, colleges and universities to make the biggest impact

By the end of the session you’ll:-

  • Understand the key aspects of apprenticeship reform
  • Be able to identify how your organisation can benefit from closer links with schools, colleges and universities   
  • Be able to develop your own plan for effective apprenticeship recruitment.

Join our Editor & Host, Alan Walker, and his guest Tony Allen, CEO of Allen Apprenticeships & Skills – as they discuss how you can find and hire the very best apprentices.


Tony Allen

Tony Allen

CEO of Allen Apprenticeships & Skills

Tony Allen is CEO of Allen Apprenticeships and Skills. His company provides management support to employers, training providers and colleges around all aspects of skills issues, including, apprenticeships.

Prior to setting up his own company in 2016, Tony was the Skills Funding Agency’s (SFA) Director for the Large Companies Unit, and prior to this role, Tony held a number of appointments with the SFA and Learning and Skills Council (LSC), including, Area Director for the South East.

Before joining the LSC, Tony spent 25 years in the Hospitality and Catering industry. This included 17 years with Whitbread PLC in operational, HR and strategic roles.

Alan Walker

Alan Walker

Editor & Host - #ChatTalent

Alan Walker is the Editor and Host of #ChatTalent, and is focussed on bringing valuable content to anyone who’s interested in building great organisations and amazing places to work.

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