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PeopleStory Webinar

Written by Alan Walker

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“These are challenging times for everyone”

We know it’s one of the most used cliches of the past few months, but sadly, it’s true. These have been and are challenging times.

Not only for us as individuals but also for businesses and their employees. Which, has caused some substantial changes to working practices, business stability and job security. Which, in turn, has affected the workplace. New skill sets and behaviours are required to meet the new continuum.

To understand how organisations and their employees can take control and share their own future, I was joined by Rebecca Birs, Head of Resourcing Talent and Inclusion at GDS. James Dalton, Head of Learning Engagement at PeopleStory. And Andrew Platt-Higgins, Employment and Strategic Communications at PeopleStory.

If you didn’t get a change to catch the webinar live, you can now re-watch it on demand.

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In the open panel discussion, we cover:

  • Is your working culture and employment brand promise what you thought it was?
  • How do you engage, enable and empower your people to live the company purpose (especially if many of them are working remotely)?
  • Through which mediums do you communicate these changes inclusively and persuasively?
  • How do you deliver a consistent positive employee experience as we move forward?

The session runs for around 45 minutes, with a Q&A at the end.


Rebecca Birs - GDS

Rebecca Birs – Head of Resourcing, Talent & Inclusion at Government Digital Service (GDS)

Rebecca manages a 16-strong team at GDS (part of the Cabinet Office). Her role includes recruiting across the DDaT profession, managing talent,  driving D&I initiatives – all-in-all recruiting and retaining a diverse pool of the brightest and best talent. Rebecca has a real passion for driving improvement measurably and inclusively.

Andrew Platt-Higgins –  Employment Proposition & Strategic Communications Expert at PeopleStory

Andrew is an acknowledged expert in communicating with people about the work they do and the work they want to do. He has put employees at the heart of corporate reputation and created advantage in talent markets for organisations in many different sectors worldwide, most recently completing major EVP projects for British Airways, Carlsberg and the Co-op. 

Andrew Platt Higgins
Jame Dalton

 James Dalton – Head of Learning & Engagement at PeopleStory

A pioneer of the 3E methodology, James has worked with organisations in all sectors to engage, enable and empower through their people. An NLP-qualified neuroscientist and ex-Group Head of Resourcing & Employee Engagement at First Group plc, James focuses on ‘The Why’ of work – and how organisations can truly connect and deeply engage with everyone in their enterprise, for better performance and the good of all. 

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