No.7 – Onboarding – why you should focus on your employees

Written by Alan Walker

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A whopping 90% of new employees use the experience of their first six months’ employment to decide on their longer-term commitment.

So the first few months of employment are a crucial time

New employees like to settle in quickly and want to know that they have made the right choice for their next career move.

But there’s more – employees that receive a positive onboarding experience are proven to reach a level of proficiency and productivity far quicker than those that aren’t onboarded effectively.

So this is something you want to get right

In this webinar, we learnt more about the different onboarding phases and got hands-on tips on how to improve the onboarding process.

Our Editor & Host, Alan Walker, and his guest – Anne Smink of Appical – discussed how businesses can create competitive advantage and build engaged teams through brilliant onboarding processes.


Anne Smink

Anne Smink

Content Strategist

Anne is the Senior Content Marketer at Appical.

With 9+ years experience as a marketer in HR and Recruitment, she is well aware of the issues HR professionals at all levels deal with.

Anne is responsible for all Appical content worldwide.

Alan Walker

Alan Walker

Editor & Host - #ChatTalent

Alan Walker is the Editor and Host of #ChatTalent, and is focussed on bringing valuable content to anyone who’s interested in building great organisations and amazing places to work.

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