No.6 – Treating candidates like customers

Written by Alan Walker

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Is it time to start treating candidates like customers?

During this webinar, we heard why companies need to become more proactive and apply learnings and tactics from the sales and marketing sphere to recruiting.

It’s becoming common to hear (for a number of years now) that candidates are behaving like customers. Some are acting like consumers, but many are acting like B2B customers – rigorously researching an organisation before making a “buying” decision.

This means marketing to, and engaging with, a candidate needs to reflect this – but many organisations are still in “shouting” mode, and working on the assumption that posting job adverts and pushing things out over social media is sufficient.

Our Editor & Host, Alan Walker, and his guests Ben Slater – VP of Growth at Beamery – discussed how hiring teams can reap the benefits of acting more like marketers and less like traditional recruiters.

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Ben Slater

Ben Slater

VP Growth - Beamery

Ben Slater is VP Growth at Beamery, the new standard in Recruitment CRM & Marketing software.

He also sits on the EMEA Board for the Candidate Experience Awards, an organization committed to improving the application experience for candidates.

Alan Walker

Alan Walker

Editor & Host - #ChatTalent

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