How to use AI to demonstrate value in your organisation

Written by Alan Walker

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How to use AI to demonstrate value in your organisation

This year, CEB reported that 53% of Hiring Managers want their recruitment function to be that of a Strategic Partner or a Strategic Talent Advisor, however, only 17% feel this happens in their organisation. How can AI upgrade your recruitment function and help you demonstrate real value and strategic planning throughout your business?

This webinar will discuss the key challenges facing recruitment professionals in 2018 whilst sharing tools and data that can be used to deliver real-time actionable insights. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask for live intelligence on specific areas of the market that they are finding challenging.

What will you learn from this webinar?

  • How AI can empower recruitment by aiding strategic thinking
  • What aids are recruitment professionals looking for
  • How to use AI to challenge your hiring managers and educate them on the real-time market
  • How to use AI to identify the expectations of candidates and how to make your team aware of them

Join our Editor & Host, Alan Walker, and his guest Mike Basnett Sandiford, Head of Partnerships for JobsTheWord – as they discuss how you can you use AI to demonstrate value in your organisation.


Mike Basnett Sandiford

Mike Basnett Sandiford

Head of Partnerships - JobsTheWord

Mike is Head of Partnerships at JobsTheWord and holds over 15 years experience delivering solutions across HR, Recruitment, Marketing, Technology and SAAS verticals.

Mike’s experience of planning, implementing and managing complex strategies and solutions on an international scale has seen him hold senior roles at Canderine, Joberate and TotalJobs Group.

Alan Walker

Alan Walker

Editor & Host - #ChatTalent

Alan Walker is the Editor and Host of #ChatTalent, and is focussed on bringing valuable content to anyone who’s interested in building great organisations and amazing places to work.

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