How to attract a continual flow of qualified candidates: Using strategies from real marketers

There is lots of talk today about recruiters being more marketing focused. Is it really that easy?

You see, getting a job in marketing is not difficult. But becoming a great marketer who can attract large pipelines of suitable buyers…well, that IS difficult.

In this webinar, Iain will share some of the advice, tactics and secrets real marketers use to attract a large flow of buyers towards their business and how we can transition this into recruitment marketing.

Join our Editor & Host, Alan Walker, and his guest Iain Hamilton, CEO of Recruitment Bot – as they discuss how acting like a great marketer can be the difference between you being an OK recruiter or a great recruiter.


Iain Hamilton

Iain Hamilton

CEO of Recruitment Bot

As a recruitment evangelist with a real passion for all things talent attraction, Iain provides recruitment chatbots to clients throughout the UK and America.

Built on an AI platform and supercharged with their digital marketing expertise, their chatbots attract your target audience and turn them into outstanding talent pipelines of candidates who WANT work with your business.

Alan Walker

Alan Walker

Editor & Host - #ChatTalent

Alan Walker is the Editor and Host of #ChatTalent, and is focussed on bringing valuable content to anyone who’s interested in building great organisations and amazing places to work.