WEBINAR: Gamified Assessment: From Button Presses to Personality

Written by Alan Walker

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  • Uncover the science and mechanics underlying gamified assessments and learn what makes them so effective
  • Hear how civil engineering leader WSP transformed their recruitment process
  • Learn what the future of assessment holds

Traditional data supplied during the application process, such as CVs and academic qualifications, is outdated and lacks predictive validity. Gamified assessments capture up to 12,000 data points on candidates, enhancing recruiter’s selection decisions with relevant, objective data on attributes related to in-role performance.

Hear from industry pioneer, Arctic Shores, and one of their clients, WSP, on how they’ve transformed their early careers, apprentice and graduate selection process – improving hiring efficiency, diversity, and the calibre of candidates at the interview stage.

Find out how you can do the same using the next-generation of psychometric assessments powered by neuroscience!

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