No.4 How do we learn to trust machines?

Written by Alan Walker

Hi! I'm the Editor in Chief of #ChatTalent. That sounds grand, but really my job is just to make sure you get good content - be that blogs, webinars, live broadcasts, or anything else to do with talent. If that isn't the case, let me know.
Technology in the recruitment, HR and talent space is moving along at a rapid pace; but often the true value of innovation is being hidden behind marketing razzmatazz and pseudoscience.

In this session, we put some of that right with the help of Dr Boris Altemeyer, a highly qualified and respected business psychologist and the Chief Science Officer of Cognisess.

He addressed some of the myths and misconceptions about how this efficient technology can transform strategic recruitment, highlighted the truths about this ‘next big thing’ and showed how we can finally begin to understand human performance ‘ at scale’.

Your host for this event was Alan Walker from TheTalentFinders (of LinkedIn fame/infamy).

This week’s speaker was Dr Boris Altemeyer from Cognisess.

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