Episode 38 with Keith Moran about Performance Management

Keith Moran on Performance Management

Written by Jeremy Russon

Family and football are Jeremy's two passions - but in his spare time, making a difference, the Udder way, to the world of TA/HR tech is his thing.
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Welcome back to the #PeoplePodcast

Before we jump in, we wanted to tell you about our really interesting webinar coming up with our sponsors Frankli this week which looks at the fundamentals of strong performance management processes and how they are underpinned by digital technology.

It’s time to leave the paper-based ways of the past behind and make the move to a digital process that supports you in achieving your goal

THURSDAY, 15th OCTOBER @ 12.30pm 

Performance Management isn't worth the paper it's written on

I was delighted to have the opportunity to virtually sit down with one of their clients, Kieth Moran from SL Controls.

People clearly play a big part in the development of any business. But for SL Controls, the advancements in technology (robotics, virtual reality and data) meant their strategy was constantly changing. So I wanted to find out how they communicated those changes to their people. Without affecting personal development or culture.

Implementing a 3-year strategy, and using quarterly reviews, 1-1s conversations have been massive for the overall success of the SL Controls strategy. As Keith beautiful put it:

“The real power is giving people purpose. Once people have a purpose and they know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and what it’s contributing the overall strategy. It’s transformative.”



[1.26] How did SL Controls come about?

[4.56] A quick insight into the work that you do?

[6.22] How has technology (robotics, virtual reality and data) changed your strategy?

[8.06] People clearly play a big part in the development of your business. How have you communicated the change in strategies over the years?

[11.56] Why do you believe you’ve succeeded so much this year compared to other businesses in the same industry?

[14.19] Do you think you need good process management in place before finding the right product? Or is it the other way around?

[15.12] Have you been able to measure changes in staff engagement? If so, what has been the biggest thing for you?

[17.06] As a leader is your ability to understand the views&opinions of your staff key?

[18.10] And seeing that culture shift must be really rewarding for you and your board?

[19.03] Do the OKRs allow an employee to trace how they are making an impact within the business?

[19.31] With your performance management process, can you identify issues before they become big issues?

[20.22] How are you planning to maintain your, what sounds like an amazing culture going forward?

[23.20] I loved the videos of you and your family showing how you got through lockdown. Do you think more leaders should do this? Showing openness and honesty?

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