Episode 33: Alison Ettridge on how data and insights are core to any HR team

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Written by Ellen Laird

In this episode of the #ChatTalent People Podcast co-host Jeremy Russon is joined by Alison Ettridge. They dive deep into the importance of data and insights in the world of HR addressing how it should be used to think outside the box and to verify (or refute) a companies hypothesis.

One of the things we hear a lot about in the current world of Talent acquisition and HR is how to use data to make decisions.  Although for many it is a relatively new thing, something that they’ve not experienced in the ‘old school’ recruitment world, for our guest this week data and insight has been a fundamental part of her career.

Alison Ettridge is CEO and Chief Believer for Talent Intuitions –  living the entrepreneurs dream! She loves helping HR Directors take data and insights to the Board to validate their views; helping them to convince their leaders and turning them into Believers! Alison has spent twenty plus years in the world of people and talent – from her first job in executive recruitment, to sales and then into the world of talent research and intelligence, which was where she spotted the opportunity for Stratigens – to bridge the gap between strategy and execution with data.


Don’t have time to listen to the whole episode? Here’s an easy breakdown

[1:17] Who is Alison Ettridge

[1:59] Tell us a bit more about Stratigens, and how it came come about

[3:30] What’s a topical user case for Stratigens?

[5:03] How do you think Stratigens can help organisation shift to work more remotely

[8:08] Is remote working the way forward? Will it be the ‘new normal’?

[9:27] Tell us a bit more about how to include diversity in a team

[12:05] Do you think diversity targets is the right approach companies should be taking?

[14:00] Is data aggregator the correct way of describing Stratigens?

[15:26] How to use data and insights to comment on current affairs? such as economics

[17:00] What would you say is the biggest impact you’ve seen because of your use of data?

[20:18] Can data be used to think outside the box.

[20:54] Difference between quantitive and qualitative data

[23:35] The rationality behind the Chief Believer job title


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