The Recruitment Mountain

Written by Theo Smith

Theo is a Welsh Wizard. After leaving his Celtic land he set out on a journey to help organisations attract more talent. This has included global executive search, RPO, in-house and recruitment marketing. He now talks on a wide variety of recruitment related subjects. He is also the podcast host for Neurodiversity – Eliminating Kryptonite & Enabling Superheroes

Last week I attended the #RL100 recruitment events co. seminar in Crewe and what an event it was!

Not only did I get to spend some time with amazing recruitment leaders from across the UK, but we also got to challenge the future direction of our talent acquisition functions.

More importantly our commitment to supporting some really important initiatives and making sure the future is a bright one where we give everybody the opportunity to shine and succeed in life.

Over the two days we discussed:

  • Building a federated hiring model for non-centralised companies
  • Neuro-diversity
  • TA Maturity Matrix
  • Resourcing Transformation: People and Process
  • Next generation programmatic
  • Social profile screening
  • Hiring into Micro-Cultures
  • Early talent attraction: Gen Z
  • New kind of good

This is the second seminar I’ve been to and it feels like we’ve got some great momentum and we’re all committed to driving change and transformation in some key areas like Neurodiversity.

So after rushing from the seminar to meet my wife for a much needed weekend away in London without the kids 🙂 It’s now back to business.

Tomorrow I’ll be on my way back to London

But this time not to visit the British Library, Museum or to stroll along the Thames taking in the scenery.

This time I’ll be there to present a key element of my resourcing strategy to the senior leadership team.

We’ve achieved some really great work in the past six months, from the beginning of an employer branding exercise, digital campaign with content, social media strategy, lots of testing, assessing and preparing for a big push in 2019.

This has meant some really good collaborations with our comms team, PR team, HR team and key hiring managers and business leaders.

Everything we’re doing here is from scratch, no assumptions, no forced models from past experience; pure evidenced based recruitment!

Well with as much evidence as we can pull together, which as we all know is not always easy and straight forward. But we’re getting there!

Tomorrow will be what I live for, the opportunity to present my thoughts, ideas and strategy; all being well, we then get the chance to get on and deliver against them.

Then on Wednesday I sit with the non-executive directors to discuss the risk associated with key areas of recruitment.

Getting out and spending time with other leaders in talent acquisition really helps when facing these big moments.

We are very rarely brought into an organisation without significant recruitment challenges. Most TA leaders would present their role as either dealing with some level of change or transformation.

This brings opportunity, however it also means we are always trying to climb a mountain and very rarely do we reach the top! It’s an ever evolving and growing journey.

So you could say this week will be a big one, which should define the direction of recruitment for next year here at NICE.

While the world outside faces lots of uncertainty, hopefully this week, I’ll bring a small amount of certainty to what’s going to happen here next year.

Wish me luck! :0)

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