The ChatTalent & Appical webinar series – employer brand, employee engagement, onboarding and retention

Written by Alan Walker

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The ChatTalent & Appical webinar series


Your onboarding questions answered.

We and our friends over at Appical have been delivering a series of webinars covering everything from Employer Branding in the pre-hiring stage all the way through to offboarding at the end of an employee lifecycle.

What we covered:-

Session 1 was on the importance of Employer Branding in the Pre-hiring stage. Sign up for the series to get an email with details on how to access the recording and slides.

Session 2 was about delivering Preboarding and Onboarding that – done well – will drive engagement, alignment, productivity and performance (and better commercial results).

Session 3 was all about how you can attract and retain millennials, to become the organisation of the future for all generation

Session 4 Appical Co-founder Roy Torenstra answered the most pertinent questions that had arisen throughout the series.


Roy Terenstra

Roy Terenstra

Co-Founder & Head of Product - Appical

Roy is the co-founder of Appical and is involved with our product from day 1, which makes him a real specialist. Roy ensures that the product continuously meets market demand and steers and inspires our development team. So if you have any questions about onboarding, either technical or functional: ask Roy!

Nils Eberlijn

Nils Eberlijn

Preboarding & Onboarding Specialist

Nils is an Onboarding Specialist at Appical.

He is spreading the word of pre-boarding, onboarding and talent retention. He believes everyone deserves the best onboarding experience possible.

Do you have questions about any stages of the employee journey? Nils is always happy to help out!

Malique Steenbrink

Malique Steenbrink

Employer Branding Specialist

Malique is Employer Branding Specialist at Appical. She is responsible for all content surrounding Appical’s Employer Brand and the entire employee experience. You can also find her on social media.

Her mission: to tell stories from the heart of the organization. She would love to tell you more about recruiting, onboarding, the employee journey, employer branding en the candidate experience.   

Dr. Aart Bontekoning

Dr. Aart Bontekoning

Organizational Psychologist

Dr. Aart Bontekoning is a generation expert, public speaker, writer and researcher. Aart has experience with supporting culture change processes in companies; and gives masterclasses, lectures and workshops on ‘Generation in Organizations’.

He believes every organization can be future proof for all generations in the workplace. Together with Appical, he delivers webinars and is closely involved in new research about millennials.

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