EPISODE 27: ‘Google’ Dave Hazlehurst on Generosity & kindness being the currencies of influence

Dave Hazlehurst on the currency of generosity and kindness

Written by Alan Walker

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Welcome back to yet another episode of the #ChatTalentPeoplePodcast

In this episode, I was joined by the world-famous ‘Google’ Dave Hazlehurst.

We of course talked about a whole heap of things. Starting with how the virus has impacted the world as a whole, but we didn’t dwindle on that too long. Instead, we decided to focus on what these changes could potentially mean for the future.

Like what are the big questions that we are all going to be asking ourselves at the end of this? And what are candidates going to ask employers?

We expect to see questions like: How did you treat your people during this period? Did you treat them with kindness? What exactly did you do?  Did you have integrity? How did you bring a sense of belonging?

We are definitely beginning to see a shift in priorities. Candidates are seeking to understand where they belong and what opportunities are out there in terms of a career path.

We then discussed how this pandemic has also served as a shining light.

“During times of adversity, the true colours of a company will come out”

With companies like Wetherspoons and SportsDirect were mentioned as prime examples of what NOT to do.

Potential candidates now more than ever looking at how you are treating people. If it’s with kindness and understanding. And deciding to not work for you based upon it.

Finally, we address how everyone has banded together to learn and support one another. Recruitment or talent. Agency or In-house. Consultants or Full-time. We are all learning from each other. And everyone is just trying to do the right thing.

We concluded the episode with this nugget of knowledge – Just imagine what we could if we did this more often as a society.


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