Episode 34: Chris Heron and James Dalton on the topics of culture and engagement

Company culture

Written by Alan Walker

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Company culture is vital if an organisation wants to succeed, but what does it really mean? How would you define it?

Chances are, differently from anybody else – it’s intangible and very difficult to put into words.

However, the future of work really does depend on it. Organisations now more than ever need to be aware of who they are and what they stand for.

Which is why, in this week’s episode of the #ChatTalent People Podcast host Alan Walker asks Chris Heron and James Dalton how they would define company culture.

They explore how companies can bridge the gap between perceived, actual and desired cultures. As well as the needs, wants and desires of employees and how organisations can better engage their teams.

Chris has spent the last 7 years building HR/RecTech including ATS’s, job boards and advocacy platforms, and is the current Founder and CEO of The complete culture platform, Visibly. Previously he worked in agency, RPO, HR and in house recruitment, and ran an award winning employer brand and communications agency. He is also a trained graphic designer and loves all things UI/ UX.

James Dalton is Director of Engagement for Visibly, pioneer of the 4E methodology and an NLP-qualified neuroscientist. He focuses on ‘The Why’ of work – and how organisations can truly connect and deeply engage with everyone in their enterprise, for better performance and the good of all



[0:55] Who are Chris and James?

[1:50] Give us a quick overview of Visibly

[3:00] James how did you become involved with Visibly

[5:55] Why is culture important to organisations

[7:37] How would you define company culture?

[11.20] The gap between perceived, actual and desired cultures

[12.21] How does an organisation bridge the gap

[14:25] The want and desires of employees.

[20:08] The 4 E’s (Engage, Enable, Empower and Evaluate)


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