A Referral Platform for the Talent, HR & Recruitment Community

Written by Alan Walker

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A Referral Platform for the Talent, HR & Recruitment Community

Do you know that feeling when you have an idea and you know it’s going to make a massive difference, and then someone you know has the ability to help you to make that idea a reality? Well, this is one of those feel-good stories.

Working knee-deep in the talent space, I’m surrounded by great tech every day. Solutions that make things faster, more accurate, more personable. It seems there’s more than one solution for every task. Yet each week, I’m asked if I know about great people who are free to take a new contract or gig, or do I know of companies who are hiring, and I know I’m not the only one. And with the current pandemic in full swing, the situation for the talent, HR & recruitment community isn’t getting any easier and those questions have been coming thick and fast.

So, this got me thinking. How can we refer and recommend each other for jobs, and where can we go to advertise a job that would make it easy for the community to help identify the best person for that job? And then I thought of Real Links, so I picked up the phone and called Sam.

Real Links is a referral technology that’s being adopted by organisations who want to enable employees to easily recommend people in their networks, for jobs within their company. Sam Davies and Dan Krijgsman founded Real Links in 2018 and they’ve really unlocked the potential for referrals to be a substantial part of an organisation’s recruitment strategy.

Fortunately, Sam and the team were looking at ways in which they could help people by putting their tech out there and so after a few chats, we came up with the Real Links Community – a referral platform for the Talent, HR & Recruitment industry – delivered in association with #ChatTalent.

It’s a free community platform, where you can post HR, Recruitment & Talent jobs for free, apply and refer people in your network – so we can keep on recruiting, and help the world’s organisations to keep on working.

With the platform, we’re helping anybody who works in HR, Talent or Recruitment from 3 angles. You may be looking for a new opportunity, you may have a job that you need to fill with the best talent, or you may know someone perfect for that job and want to refer them in. The Real Links Platform enables you to do all of this for free.

So how do you get onto the Real Links Community? Simply register for free here: Real Links Community. Get signed up today, and together we can help each other to keep on recruiting.

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