Neurodiversity Celebration Week in Short Video’s


Written by Theo Smith

Theo is a Welsh Wizard. After leaving his Celtic land he set out on a journey to help organisations attract more talent. This has included global executive search, RPO, in-house and recruitment marketing. He now talks on a wide variety of recruitment related subjects. He is also the podcast host for Neurodiversity – Eliminating Kryptonite & Enabling Superheroes

Sit back and learn, explore and enjoy what film has to offer to the explosion of #NeurodiversityAtWork

I’ve put together five films under 10 min and one longer one at 49min on Neurodiversity. This is to celebrate Neurodiversity week and to help encourage more people to get involved with creating a more diverse and inclusive environment for all 🙂

British Dyslexia Association What is Neurodiversity?


KPMG UK WorkAbility


#ManchesterAbility Employer Network that I attended that was run by KPMG was a great event. They are doing some great work and I loved their video they shared. Take a look below and let me know what you think!

SAP’s Autism at Work Program Breaks Ground in Workforce Diversity


BBC Getin ND Mode – Neurodiversity in the Workplace


Developed by BBC CAPE, ND Mode was a unique initiative run by the cognitive design team from BBC UX&D, exploring neurodiversity in the workplace.

I love the fact the BBC have fully embraced Neurodiversity and are creating great content to help shift the dial in people’s awareness and understanding of those who are Neurodivergent.

BBC Getin Disability Smart Managers: How do you embrace neurodiversity?


How does the BBC support staff members that are neurodiverse and on the autism spectrum?

Rory Bremner ADHD and Me BBC2


This was a lightbulb moment for me and great to see somebody in a high profile role getting underneath the skin of what it is to be ADHD


And don’t forget on Thursday 16th of May at 12pm (GMT) as part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we’ll have Amanda Kirby presenting live online on Hiring and Neurodiversity.


Amanda has published 8 books in the field of neurodiversity, which have been translated into many languages and has many peer-reviewed papers in the field and is active on Linkedin with more than 26,000 followers regularly posting her Neurodiversity101 series.

Please come along and show your support and to ask questions and hopefully get some really great takeaways.

Enjoy the movies and please let me know your thoughts or feel free to share your own favourites!

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