No.3 How AI made me a better recruiter

Written by Alan Walker

Hi! I'm the Editor in Chief of #ChatTalent. That sounds grand, but really my job is just to make sure you get good content - be that blogs, webinars, live broadcasts, or anything else to do with talent. If that isn't the case, let me know.

During this session, we heard how Richard (a real hands-on recruiter) improved his performance, and how it impacted his firm and the clients he serves.

He talked about his journey, discussed one of the tools he uses and shared some of the metrics that have directly been affected by his use of this technology.

The event was a conversational discussion, rather than a presentation, and we had time to cover off a good number of audience questions also.

Your host for this event was Alan Walker from TheTalentFinders (of LinkedIn fame/infamy).

This week’s speaker was Richard Brown from Advanced Resource Manager.

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