NEWS: Leading RechTech company Technically Compatible rebrands to Tungl

Written by Alan Walker

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Fast growing online tech assessment provider Technically Compatible – which identifies employer’s tech talent – has decided to rebrand to Tungl.

We spoke to Team Tungl and got the inside scoop on the reason for the name change, WTF a Tungl is and what the future holds for the business.

Why the change?

Well regarded for their ability to help recruitment teams & CTOs to hire and build better teams, the team at Tungl decided that their expanded service offering – which allows for more holistic testing of a person’s interpersonal skills alongside their technical capabilities – has outgrown the Technically Compatible brand.

Tungl’s CEO, Mike Rohan, said: “As the business has developed, we felt that it was a perfect juncture to consider whether our name and identity still reflected the ambition and dynamism of the business, and it seemed the perfect time to change.”

Tungl Logo

The Tungl logo. Pretty, isn’t it?

WTF is a Tungl?

We asked Mike what Tungl meant. His response was “Tungl translates to moon in ancient Nordic which derives from ‘to shine’ and, as we’re in the business of helping clients and individuals shine, there’s a rather abstract connection that just felt right.

“We’re really excited to use this new brand to continue to build the business, and I look forward to seeing the reaction we get to it. The feedback so far has been great – it represents a bold new period for the business.”

Tungl Team

The Tungl Massive

A name change is great, but what does that mean for the future?

Tungl chair (and former Compaq bigwig) Ross Miller is excited about what the new rebrand means for customers, current and future, and for the Tungl business. He told us: “We really feel that we are entering an exciting new chapter in the company’s development, taking all the positives from the last five years and enhancing our service further to delight our customers and deliver an even greater return on investment.”

Want to learn more?

You can find out more about Tungl by either visiting their shiny new website at Tungl.io, following them on Twitter @TeamTungl or by searching for “Tungl” on LinkedIn.

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