How battle cards will help you recruit the best talent

How battle cards will help you recruit the best talent

Written by Charlotte Christiaanse

Charlotte leads the Global High-Value Targeted (HVT) Company program for Royal Philips. Focusing on data-driven recruitment and hiring the highest quality talent. Before that, she worked for 10+ years for international executive search firms and a market research company.

Personalization will forever be a key trend in recruiting. Even though, looking back recruiting has changed so drastically. Years ago we fully relied on agencies. And before that (potential) candidates were not even traceable on the internet.

In my previous blog post, I explained how Phillips has transitioned from reactive to proactive talent sourcing. And a step that proved to be very useful during this transformation was our implementation of Strategic Battle Cards.

Our Battle Cards were essentially one-pagers aligned with Global Recruitment Marketing and HR/Business Leadership. They were created for us to judge external companies and strategic skills/areas that we needed within Philips. Fundamentally related to area’s that were important for talent; based on extensive competitive research. Which we then proactively validated with business leaders.

What we found was that these cards helped us trigger (passive) candidates. As well as helping hiring managers to understand the market from a talent perspective. We also ended up working better with Recruitment Marketing as our joint efforts became hyper-targeted.

From the moment we started using talent intelligence in recruiting and setting up specialized in-house headhunting teams at Philips we realized there was a huge need to understand our customers.

What are they looking for? What is important for them? Where are they located? How many years of experience do they have? How can we get their attention?

But also what are the options they have in a specific location? As we know, for some skills there are more jobs than people; so why should they consider us versus other companies? What are the reasons for potential candidates to consider a career switch?

And again our Battle Cards came in handy. They highlighted specific consultative messages – for both recruiters and hiring team – about what made our company unique vs our competition. They helped us win in the market.

In my next blog, I will share how you can use talent intelligence to bridge the gap in the workforce.



In a series of three blog posts, I will be sharing some insightful tips on how you can accelerate your strategic recruitment efforts. (2 of 3)
At Philips, Talent Intelligence has added value to our day-to-day recruiter Activity, strategic workforce planning discussions as well as strategic macro-level reports 

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