Episode 6 with Vibhu Ganesan from Intel

Episode 6 talent intelligence collective podcast

Written by Alan Walker

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Welcome to 6th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast!

Happy New Year to you all!

We’ve got the whole crew together again for this one. By which I mean myself – Alan Walker, Toby Culshaw, Alison Ettridge and Nick Brooks.

Since we’ve all been together for 6 months now (I guess you could say we’re official) I skimmed past the intros and moved straight to welcoming our legendary guest for this episode: Vibhu Ganesan, Global Talent Intelligence Lead at Intel.

The first topic of discussion was the POWER of video and how will it change the world of Talent Intelligence.

A really fascinating topic, which sprouted us all to discuss it’s future potential. While our guest Vibhu actually highlighted how video interviews could have an immediate benefit to organisations.

For example. If you were to conduct two interviews between two very different candidates, you later could use the recording of the hired candidate to build out your ideal candidate persona. As well as using the recording for reference later down the line when a similar position appears.

While Nick believed that this advancement should focus on how we make human interaction quantifiable.

How are our hiring managers conducting these types of interviews? Are they doing it equitably? Are they staying true to their diverse and inclusive values throughout?

We then moved on to a topic that I think will constantly be resurfaced many more times as it seems to be constantly evolving – the meaning behind the phrase ‘Talent Intelligence’.

Vibhu highlighted that it really comes down to how we use the word ‘intelligence’.  While some organisations (like Intel) will use it to describe knowledge about competitors and the wider market, other organisations will associate it with the information available about candidates and their profiles.

If this were the case, where should Talent Intelligence sit within an organisation?

Nick mentioned that while most people associate TI with People Analytics, the evolution of the tech industry (ATS/CRM etc..) could change this idea completely. And result in a wider Central Intelligence Team. Combining Talent, Sales, Market and Customer. Where tips, methodologies and even tech could be shared?

While over on the Talent Intelligence Collective Facebook Group (if you fancy joining click here) the discussion around Talent Intelligence Awards made us question how we would identify the winners? Based on which benchmarks? Or what categories would we include?

What do you think? Should we do it? And more importantly, do you think I would win ‘podcast host of the year’?

As we were eager to find out more about our amazing guest, I figuratively passed the mic onto our resident hard-hitting interviewer extraordinaires.

Very excitedly Alison mentioned that she would go first, referring back to what Vibhu mentioned at the start of the podcast, she asked. How does Intel set themselves apart?

Our process revolves around on three main pillars.
  1. Ensuring we collect the right data.
  2. Making sure it’s contextualised and linked to the business strategy.
  3. Sharing the collected information.
We are also always looking at how to better contextualise and share the data with the wider organisation.”

Questions about the future of Intel, the importance of combining internal and external data and what learnings does Vibhu take from past roles, then followed.

One of the final questions that Alison asked is: What is the one thing you wished you had learned earlier?

“Looking for more people within the organisation with whom we partner with. It just goes back to what we were saying earlier about joining the dots between all the different departments and teams.”

Even though it’s a new year, I am not going to ever stop saying thank you to all of you. Our regular listeners. You lot are amazing.

See you in the next episode.

Stay intelligent!


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