Episode 4 with Alethe Denis from ManpowerGroup

Episode 4 - Talent Intelligence with Alethe Denis

Written by Alan Walker

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Welcome back to 4th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast.

Where we, as in myself, Alan Walker, and my amazing co-hosts Toby Culshaw and Nick Brooks, joining for his debut podcast episode, chatted to Talent Intelligence superstar Alethe Denis.

Alison Ettridge our other usual co-host was unable to join us. Due to the combination of a biblical storm, the fact she lives in the sticks, and her broadband – basically two tin cans and a long piece of string – was knocked out because of said storm.

Anyway! Not to worry, Alison will be back for the next episode – and we’ll finally have the full band together!

As we are still on episode 4, I started off with a quick round of intros. With Nick going first since he’s been absent for the first episodes raising two still very small humans. He is the Talent Intelligence Programme Manager at Microsoft, for anybody who was wondering.

While our guest for this episode is Alethe Denis, is part of the Market Intelligence Manager at ManpowerGroup Talent.

A big topic that we discussed in the episode is how companies are using data and the insight to make decisions. How to pivot and change accordingly with the challenges they face.

Toby, Nick and Alethe all mentioned how organisations are beginning to understand how Talent Intelligence can be used across the business. Fully understanding how data can be used to influence departments decisions and anticipate risks.

Alethe also mentioned that some additional common themes were things like cost efficiency, maximisation of the job force mix and location strategy.

Which Toby picked up on, saying that location strategy is something that we have touched upon before, in past episodes.

Are we going to see de-urbanisation? A big shift in salaries? And what are going to be the knock-on effects going to be? But also, how much of this is permanent, and how many organisations are only enabling this on a temporary basis.

Toby’s final update was around an article about how Facebook used data, trends and insight to choose where their first European hub was going to be based. Unfortunately, though, it gave no mention to the Talent Intelligence team.

And when I questioned why that would be: Athene said:

“Talent Intelligence teams are really the unsung heroes. Hence why this shift in making data and insights accessible for the wider team is a step in the right direction.”

Nick then, stepping into for Alison, and asked Athene about her day-to-day. The total workforce index, the biggest challenges that she and her team face when choosing which metrics to look at. And what type of customers does she usually deal with.

I may be a bit bias when I say this, but I really do think this was such an interesting episode. Especially when Athene walked us through her experience with DeathCon and terminology of source intelligence.

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Stay intelligent!


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