Episode 2 with Sean Armstrong from Standard Industries

Episode 2 - Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast

Written by Alan Walker

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And we’re back with the second episode of the Talent Intelligence Podcast. And what a cracker!

In this episode, we, being me and my far more talented co-hosts Alison Ettridge and Toby Culshaw, are joined by Sean Armstrong from Standard Industries.

After our usual introductions (can I say usual on episode 2?) a report by McKinsey&Company, which states that by 2030 22% of the EU workforce would be automated, kick-started our conversations.

Is there a need for a clear distinction between jobs and job tasks? Is the solution to possible job losses simply a shift in work? And an up-skilling of the workforce?  And while automation has been on the agenda for a while, the use of AI tech to recruit talent is still quite a controversial topic. As Toby mentioned:

AI could equally be the solution to recruitment bias but just as easily be the cause of applicant exclusion (like for the Neurodiverse).

Our conversation then moved to work environments. Which caused us to try and address questions like:

  • If in theory, the talent market is frictionless, do you pay people the same? Regardless of their local economy?
  • And whether not having a physical office or having the ability to meet colleagues would affect an employees loyalty to the company/brand?
  • Which in turn could cause a much more fluid career choice? Will this realisation cause organisations to improve jobs? culture? and pay?

However, these questions only really apply to roles that can be accomplished from home. What about the people who need to go into a physical workplace? At which point our guest Sean commented:

It really is about making a workplace inclusive and productive for everyone

We then asked Sean a few questions about his typical day, his opinions on what leaders should be asking from their TI teams and what he thinks the future of TI looks like.

We even discuss the possible connection between the world of Talent Intelligence and The Big Short (yes the movie).

This really was such an interesting well-rounded conversation and we hope you enjoy it. If you did don’t forget to like, leave a review, spread the word and give us a rating about the podcast, your support is very much appreciated.

Till next time!


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