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How to expand your talent pools with talent intelligence

Written by Charlotte Christiaanse

Charlotte leads the Global High-Value Targeted (HVT) Company program for Royal Philips. Focusing on data-driven recruitment and hiring the highest quality talent. Before that, she worked for 10+ years for international executive search firms and a market research company.

How to expand your talent pools with talent intelligence.

Since 2011 Philips has radically transformed itself a company. And over the past weeks, I have been sharing a few of the tips I’ve learned along the way.

Like how to win the highest quality talent, with hyper-targeted talent sourcing initiatives. And how we used personalization based on our new competitive landscape with our Battle Cards.

But another trend that we’ve embraced that I wanted to finish off with is total workforce management.

At Philips, we are focused on the entire workforce. Not just employees such as executive, professional level or campus. Also contingent labour, gig, freelancers etc.

With a total workforce management strategy in place, Philips can make better decisions about how to get work done and where. For example, by looking at global talent pools; you can understand if the skill requirements of your job descriptions are realistic based on the market.

But also, which degree does a talent pool have? What are the other characteristics of the talent pool you have identified? Where is the Executive level talent located for a specific skill versus freelancers? Who is the largest employer? Where is the most competition?

So to conclude. Here are some benefits that I’ve found about using Talent Intelligence

1. It allowed us to accelerate our proactive recruitment efforts. And create personalization to win in the market.
2. We were able to accelerate our strategic workforce planning & BUY/BUILD decisions based on market reality.
3. It influenced our business strategies around M&A, Real Estate, Strategy & Commercial teams.

Shortly we will be releasing a very interesting free podcast on this so stay tuned!

In the meantime. Have a read of Marlieke Pols recently published Talent Intelligence WhitePaper. Which you can download for FREE here 


In a series of three blog posts, I will be sharing some insightful tips on how you can accelerate your strategic recruitment efforts. (3 of 3)
At Philips, Talent Intelligence has added value to our day-to-day recruiter Activity, strategic workforce planning discussions as well as strategic macro-level reports 

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