Are you about to lose your superstar?

Are you about to lose your superstar? Let's talk staff retention

Written by Chris King

Chris is the Thunder and CEO of luxury travel and lifestyle recruitment firm Lightning Travel Recruitment. Having never worked a day in recruitment in his life, Chris founded the company because of frustrations with current recruitment agencies and their ways of working. Since it's launch in 2019 Lightning has become a disruptive brand in the recruitment world, taking a traditional recruitment consultancy model and giving it a personality.
Yes, I’m the guy that’s going to talk about staff retention during a pandemic. And you should be as well.

It’s all well and good talking about attracting talent and the oodles of applications you’re receiving for roles right now, but what about your superstar employee that’s stuck with you through 2020?

You may be shocked to read this, but I’ve got a ton of candidates on my books right now that are actively looking to leave roles. Even though they are in full-time positions and AREN’T on furlough. On the premise, you’d scream MADNESS, but when you dig deeper it really isn’t surprising…

I’ve heard horror stories from numerous candidates. About how they’re doing 3 times the work across all the hours whilst colleagues are on furlough. Without even being paid for the overtime. And how they are being forced to use their remaining holiday for December whilst companies put people on reduced hours furlough to pay for said holiday days.

Burnout is real.

And as much as people like being the overachieving superstar kept on full time during a pandemic, they are beginning to resent the handling of it. Questioning company values when they realise they’re just a number and it isn’t their business.

So here are 5 tips, courtesy of Christopher Kenna on how you can engage staff and really make sure they’re looked after:

1. Keep all Zoom meetings to 15 minutes long.

Zoom fatigue is real and it’s eating up peoples days (and souls).

2. Ban staff from answering emails between 8pm and 6am.

If we’re stuck inside, many people struggle to switch off and it affects mental health.

3. Weekly nominations for Standout Employee, with incentives.

People like to be rewarded and recognised for their hard work.

4. Investing in table and chair for staff stuck working from home.

It makes the world of difference and you’ll be seen to be truly investing in staffs wellbeing.

5. Check-in Walks.

The human element of work is so important and by having a walk around a park with a colleague ensures you get out the house and can discuss I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, in person. (we’ve linked it- in case you need to catch up)

Don’t lose your superstar because you were blinded by the chaos of 2020, look after your staff and they will stay for years to come.

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