The perks of working with creative small businesses

Written by Nikky Starrett

Nikky Starrett is the founder and designer at Pomp & Sass Textile Design Studio serving the home product industry. She’s a Canadian entrepreneur with a degree in illustration and underpinning in college level teaching. Her passion for high end, high value products with a focus on customer service has founded her company on solid ground. Offering an an easy, time saving online platform is just the start. The Pomp & Sass mission statement lays out a compassion program donating a portion of all sales to charity. Working with Nikky is dynamic, clear and joyful.

The world is getting bigger and smaller at the same time. Companies now have the entire world to work with and hire from. Employees no longer need to be physically present to work, as remote and freelance positions present a cost-efficient workforce alternative. With so many options, why are businesses hiring small? In this article, we look at the very appealing reasons for hiring creative small businesses.

Attention to Detail

Entrepreneurial creatives need to maintain a high level of consideration for detail. This is because there is no one correcting their work and mistakes can cost more than a harsh email. Client retention is everything so checking that work is done correctly is a major factor in success. Being self-employed generally, translates to loving their profession. You haven’t hired someone working to clock hours, you’ve hired a person who is passionate about what they do. This adds a certain amount of value to their work because you know it’s going to be their best. That’s the equivalent of getting a higher return on the investment.

You Work with One Person

Having one consistent dialogue with the same person is a liberating and gratifying solution for anyone. Once you get to know each other and all the habits, colloquialisms and expectations that we all have, things run very smoothly. You both learn the process of the job and your freelancer will start to anticipate your needs. This is because they are already self-directed and don’t expect to be managed. Saving you time, long-term, as you won’t need to explain your jobs criteria to multiple people. Not so with a large company, who may delegate your task to a different person each time you request service. Don’t underestimate the satisfaction that consistency and reliability brings. This is true workplace comfort and is an amenity worth its weight in gold.

A Personal Touch

It’s true that when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance. Hiring small will deliver big in your company’s altruism. While this may not excite your board of directors, this personal touch does come with a monetary counterpart.

Small businesses are often all too happy to accommodate your needs and offer free extras to ensure you maintain your return customer status. Often you will find a greater deal of value in your enterprise. The handwritten thank you cards and holiday tokens are also a great morale booster for any office. When employees know you care about the little guys, they are more readily willing to translate that into general widespread compassion.

The Payoff

Better service and services are generally received when you shop small. Granted that finding the right small business for your company can be tricky. Nonetheless, you will find it’s well worth the effort in the long term. The entrepreneur with that key element or style your brand craves is waiting for you. When you find them, remember to read their mission statements and review social media posts. These are very telling factors in any brand’s priorities and values. It’s also a great icebreaker when introducing yourself.

Hiring a creative small business is a great choice for any company. I personally recommend it.

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