Values are the Secret Sauce

Written by David Wolstenholme

David owns BrandMeBetter, a consultancy business which offers a variety of integrated branding services. After spending a number of years in the recruitment, sales and marketing space and seeing the direct benefits of developing his own personal brand, he also now offers BUILD: a personal branding program specifically with recruiters in mind. David has a soft spot for making the world a better place and spends a lot of his time (and money) outside of work on charitable work and projects in his local community.

How many recruiters produce great online content?

How many recruiters produce any at all?

How many recruiters have an engaging digital brand? How many are socially selling with confidence?

The big fat answer… not many.

In an industry where work is challenging and oh so competitive, surely you would want to make your own life easier by standing out from the crowd? It’s simple to just blame recruitment leaders for not encouraging and guiding, or consultants for not showing enough initiative.

But that wouldn’t be cool.


The problem.

In my experience these are the key reasons why recruiters aren’t plunging forward:

  • A lack of confidence and scepticism
  • Not enough training and support
  • Too busy and haven’t invested the time
  • Don’t properly understand themselves or their target audiences

I would be a fool to try to wrap up in one small blog how you can change all this.

But I would like to offer a solution to kick start your journey.


The solution.

Study some great brands, ones you personally admire or have bought products from – or even recruited for. If you don’t already know them, find out their core values. The better brands rarely have those generic, expected-type values. It’s very likely each value is supported with a powerful message.

Now think about your experiences with these brands – do these values come to mind? Go deeper, take the time to check out their marketing and communications. You can bet your bottom dollar their values shine through in all of their content. This is what drives engagement. And consistency, well it’s key.

Your own brand is not too dissimilar. You just need to find out what you value most. Or to put it in another context; what is worth most to you?

Now take your business hat off.


And you?

It’s time to get down and personal and explore your highest values. It really isn’t easy and will take time. Yours are unique to you.

This question may sound strange, but it will help guide you.

What have been the biggest challenges or voids in my life?

Good luck.

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