Jim Berrisford on joining the dots

Written by Jim Berrisford

You have all the tools at your disposal to find people. You have a fantastic brand, the latest recruitment technology and a team of talented individuals in your organisation – yet you are not attracting the right people.

So, what could be missing??

Ok, I want to say me – or perhaps someone like me – but the reality is you already have the core key elements to attract people.

I understand from experience that it is not as simple as one thing and there are many layers, but perhaps you could be overlooking a few key things, how to explain this without going overboard and boring you?

A few things:

Your adverts. Now there can be many things that you might need  to look at, but let’s look at the abbreviations that many recruiters use and I have used when we post an advert.

“We are seeking” or “We require”an HRVP, HOT, BDM, CSD. Now, this might not be the title but, down the page, I am sure there will be some abbreviations – even in the short intro. Great you know what you are seeking, and the people you are seeking might know because that is what they do, but what about referrals?

Yes, as we all know in recruitment, referrals can be a game changer. If you use too many abbreviations you might miss those who could be connected to or associated with the HRVP, BDM etc. WHY? they might know them by their full title, or they do not understand sector specific abbreviations?

So, you have missed a referral – Wait. Boom!! You had over 2000 views of your advert…… you work out what you might have missed?

Social Media. With so many mediums to find talented people and advertise, many more than some realise, it can be hard to consider what is the best medium.

Now I think targeting is great, considering the human being that you are seeking as we know is vital so being a bit of a David Attenborough and studying their habitat adds more depth and chance of success.

But if you are too selective, or using a flooded medium, you could be missing something.

I was told by an In-House consultant whom I was mentoring that you will not find A, B or T people on LinkedIn or other mainstream social networks. But that was not the point, they forgot to join up the dots…..as their friends, relatives, colleagues and other connections could know those A, B or T candidates.

So, back to referrals and you know where I am going with this.

Enough said

There are many dots that at times need joining up. So stop, step back, understand the whole candidate journey and experience, map it out, think of the language they use, their habitat and make sure you are advertising the right way on the right platforms or consider alternatives.

Otherwise, you might not be getting the best out of your adverts, your people or the latest recruitment technology.

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