What does high performance mean to you?

What does high performance mean to you?

Written by Diane Marjoram

Diane Marjoram is a trained Specialist Recruitment Consultant for 2Mes Digital Marketing. People have always been a part of her career, spending a large proportion of that being a hiring manager to now, a Senior Recruitment Consultant juggling all the wonderful facets of business within the Marketing discipline. Where will you find her? – hanging off the end of a phone usually! People are her passion, supporting businesses and candidates with honesty and integrity are at the heart of her work.

We all want to be our best selves, right? Not just for short bursts or when we need to be at our “peak.” We want to live and maintain our full potential, to reach and sustain what is called “high performance.”

However, achieving this is not easy.

But it all starts with a simple question – What does high performance mean to me?

As there is no universal, global consensus on who sets the standard for high performance.

So it’s about understanding the concept for yourself. And then recognizing how your personal take on it may impact your daily choices.

The important thing to remember is that no one is born with it *insert Maybelline advert*.

High-performance doesn’t come overnight.

You need to train, study, learn and work really hard to achieve what we believe is “high performance”.  Whether you are an athlete, a parent, CEO or employee.

But let’s go back to the initial question? What does high performance mean to you?

Is it about being the best in the world?

Is it about being known as the go-to person to get the job done?

Maybe it’s to lead, influence and form collaboration?

Or is it about being at your personal best?

An important distinction, because if it’s about being the best, then it might be as easy as thinking “If I’m not the best, then I’m not performing at an optimal level.”

But if it’s about being your personal best, then you will need to set your own goals and KPIs.

In the context of work – does striving and grinding nonstop? Mean that you are a high performer? Or maybe it’s working on a project outside your comfort zone.

Is it about you being better at listening? Maybe leading?

You see? Understanding your motivations and wants are the key to being a high performer.

At your next performance management review – why not create a set plan with your manager about how you are going to become a high performer.

Then not only are you a high performer but you belong in a high performing team.  As the people around you can also adopt the same “high performing” team spirit.

Don’t dream of winning – build it!

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