The power of failure and why you shouldn’t fear it

The power of failure and why you shouldn't fear it

Written by Diane Marjoram

Diane Marjoram is a trained Specialist Recruitment Consultant for 2Mes Digital Marketing. People have always been a part of her career, spending a large proportion of that being a hiring manager to now, a Senior Recruitment Consultant juggling all the wonderful facets of business within the Marketing discipline. Where will you find her? – hanging off the end of a phone usually! People are her passion, supporting businesses and candidates with honesty and integrity are at the heart of her work.
“I know I need to do this, but what if I fail?”

Isn’t this a phrase that many of us hear, or even say?

But the truth is…

Failure is in the eye of the beholder!

You are your own judge and jury when it comes to assessing if and when you are failing.

So what can we do to overcome this feeling? It’s simple…

Accept that failure as learning.

Easier said than done, I know. But this simple change in mindset can help enormously.

Countless times, I have been part of conversations with different people from different walks of life who have failed. For example, they ‘failed’ when they set out to run their own business and it didn’t work out.

However, when I asked them ‘what did you learn from it?’, in the hopes to get them to explain further, they couldn’t.

To put it in a nutshell, they basically walked away from it and moved on. ‘It failed just because it did.’

But the true key to failure is using it to learn, to analyse what happened. Failure is one of mankind’s most powerful learning tools.

If the business failed, perhaps it is not the right business model for you, perhaps there is an action you should have took but didn’t, or there is not a market right now for what you are selling.

Carrying out analysis will help to make the decision on what the best path forward needs to be.

Failure should not be for social criticism.

Our failures are our own. Acknowledge them and analyse them in order to learn from them and then move on with the new knowledge that you have learnt.

It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in life – take a breath. Re-trace your steps. And soon, you will no doubt see, that learning from failures is what brought around the positive things you have in your life now!

Power to you!

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