Have you googled it? Because your candidates have

Have you googled it? Because your candidates have

Written by Chris King

Chris is the Thunder and CEO of luxury travel and lifestyle recruitment firm Lightning Travel Recruitment. Having never worked a day in recruitment in his life, Chris founded the company because of frustrations with current recruitment agencies and their ways of working. Since it's launch in 2019 Lightning has become a disruptive brand in the recruitment world, taking a traditional recruitment consultancy model and giving it a personality.

If you grab any GCSE business studies textbook and look up a case study example of ‘how not to market’ – you’ll find a recruitment firm.

Y’all are terrible.

And I don’t want to try to teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing (as there is a free google course), but I will tell you this…

Your reviews on your website are null and void and your competitor is laughing at you.

Everyone googles everything these days. Their next Netflix binge series, their next workout routine. And you. Well, your agency. Especially if they are looking to move to greener pastures.

But when they google, they aren’t just looking for information. They are looking for reviews.

People trust people, right? Everyone knows that… And yet here we are. With most of you not having a single ‘credible’ review anywhere in sight.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to read that Janet at Qasar thinks your service is second to none, but that’s not going to help you in the google rankings.

If you’re not set up on google already, do it immediately. Or you can use Trustpilot or Glassdoor or whatever (I’d recommend google).

Now start asking people for reviews. And then reply to those reviews using keywords you’d like to rank in google for. 

Since doing this a few months back I now have over 50 reviews.

We’re ranking in the top 5 for all my key search terms and I’ve paid a grand total of £0 to do this.

If the demand is there I’m happy to share more DIY SEO tips, but thought I’d encourage you all to get feedback in real time and not by carrier pigeon. Your move.  

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