Embrace the power and just say NO

Embrace the power and just say NO

Written by Chris King

Chris is the Thunder and CEO of luxury travel and lifestyle recruitment firm Lightning Travel Recruitment. Having never worked a day in recruitment in his life, Chris founded the company because of frustrations with current recruitment agencies and their ways of working. Since it's launch in 2019 Lightning has become a disruptive brand in the recruitment world, taking a traditional recruitment consultancy model and giving it a personality.

Let’s set the scene.

It’s February 2021. Bojo said if you stayed home over Christmas, all your problems would be solved. But you’re still faced with more months of Zoom bday parties and virtual team drinks. 

And, if you’re anything like me, then you might be finding it hard to say NO. Because the only excuses you have, when you’re literally locked inside a house, are limited to: ‘I’ve got a zoom call with my nan’ or ‘it’s my turn to host the family quiz’ and that sh*t can only be used once before eyebrows get raised.

So what do you do? Do you say yes?

NO. You say no. With no guilt. And no need for excuses.

It is SO important that you embrace saying no. For both your mental health and your integrity when it comes to your business.

Here’s some examples where I’ve said no recently and felt empowered AF:
  • Accepted a job against my better judgement with an MIA hiring manager, a low ball salary and a ‘difficult’ team (their words not mine).
    12 hours later, I called to say I made a mistake and it’s a NO from me.
  • Cut a 1:1 video call short with a candidate who refused to take feedback on board regarding their 7 page CV.
    I told them transparently I would NOT be representing them.
  • Refused to budge on my exclusivity clause for a big new client.
    It’s how I work best and the proof is in my 100% placement rate when doing so.
And here are some examples of where I should have said no and suffered the burnout consequences because of it:
  • Accepted bad behaviour from hiring managers as the norm, having to work doubly as hard because of their bad attitudes and ever-changing goalposts.
  • Given candidates too much of my time.
    Especially in this market, it’s easy to feel like you want to help everyone, but you can’t. And you need time off too. If you don’t set boundaries then candidates will take advantage (as will clients).
So say NO.

NO. I don’t want to work for 10% and I don’t care if that other agency is, my service is better and you’ll be back.

NO. I’m not going to interview you at the weekend because you have plans.

NO. I’m not going to shortlist you because you think I should.

NO. I’m not going to work with you because I think you’re underpaying your staff. 

No is the new yes. Set those boundaries and only work with people that spark joy. 

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