We love helping Talent technology vendors to get in front of the right people

One of the most significant challenges a technology vendor faces is getting in front of potential customers.

That’s where we come in

We love pulling people together to share ideas, increase awareness and raise the profile of our partners.

In fact, between August 2017 and November 2017 we had over 3,000 HR, Recruitment and Talent people attend our webinars – with some fantastic feedback.

Not bad, eh?

That’s great, what next?

By popular demand, we’ve decided to launch a series that will run through 2018 called “Talent Tech Tuesdays”.

In essence, we’ll be providing an audience of forward-thinking HR, Recruitment and Talent people for vendors to demo their technology to.

These events will happen (almost) every Tuesday, at 12:30pm UK time.

Want to get involved?

Register your interest, and we’ll share some more details of how you can get involved.

If you need more info, look just below the registration form and you’ll see some FAQ boxes.

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Will people turn up?

We can guarantee it, natural disasters aside.

All attendees are pre-registered, meaning their diaries are blocked out from the point they register until the end of 2018.

This approach means we’ve got a good level of commitment upfront, from people who have a genuine desire to understand what tech is out there.

They also know we’re not selling their data, nor or are they going to be hounded for the rest of their lives – which seems to encourage a certain level of interest.

Why should I get involved?

Well, hopefully, you can already see the value of showing your shiny product to a bunch of potential customers – via an audience that we build on your behalf.

What’s more, after the event we’ll follow up by email to each attendee with further details on your product, how to get in touch, and any other additional information you want us to share with them.

We’ll also send out a survey to attendees, which can either be a generic “what did you think” or one tailored specifically to your needs. All useful data, we think.

We’ll even share the recording of the demo with anyone who couldn’t make it.

Finally, we’ll also include you on our vendor page – another valuable channel to showcase your product.

Will it be expensive?

Not really.

The return on investment far outweighs the small contribution we ask you to make. This goes towards the time we spend building your audience, the provision of the webinar technology, following up after the event and providing you with your survey results.

What’s more, whether you sign up just one¬†customer, ten customers or a hundred customers – we don’t expect any reward (but we wouldn’t say no to a beer or a coffee one day).

I've still got questions!

OK, that’s cool. Even if you register your interest,¬†you aren’t committing to anything at this stage.

You can either do that, and we’ll be in touch shortly, or drop us a line on TalentTechTuesdays@ChatTalent.com with your questions.

Either is fine with us.

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