Are you a Talent, HR or Recruitment tech vendor?

Join the Udder Vendor Community on the ChatTalent App

As part of our partnership with our sister company – Udder – we’ve created a vendor-only group on the ChatTalent community app.

By joining this group you’ll be able to network with other vendors (that’s useful, on a number of levels), and you’ll also have an opportunity to network with buyers. For free.

  • Access to potential customers? YES!
  • Somewhere to test your ideas? YES!
  • Networking with smart folk? YES!
  • Exclusive discounts for events? YES!
  • A space to share ideas and get answers? YES!
  • A chance to shape the community? YES!
  • Advertising? NO!

All we ask in return is that you help us promote the community.

If any of that floats your boat, come and give our community a whirl.

Apply here

Please confirm that you wish to join the ChatTalent community

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